Our new amazing feature is one the most innovative offerings by Dollartune. Get rewarded every time you receive a call. We just like to call it your Fayde ki Ghanti.

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It’s the most exciting opportunity for Dollartune users to earn cash by engaging with their favorite brands.


Get more reward points it’s that plain and simple, or we like to call this your Fayde ki Ghanti with a bonus.



This provides an innovative platform to engage with your customers


Target a more precise audience based on accurate Demographics 


An Opt-in service that is completely user driven ensures focused attention to brand communications.

Cost Effective

We charge on Cost Per Engagement module and that makes Dollartune a cost effective medium

Well, the list is just too long. Let’s meet and discuss the immense opportunities.



Provides an excellent opportunity to earn money at your convenience. Pay your bills or do some shopping. It’s your money, go ahead and use it the way you want


Instant gratification through Paytm Wallet

Favorite brands

Listen to exciting new ringtones, stay updated with the latest Offers, Services and Products from your favorite brands

We can just go on and on about this. Why waste time! Just Download Now and start your journey to earn some moolah!



‘Dollartune’ – a revolutionary way to engage with customers, is an initiative by BrandAd Emedia Solutions Private Limited. Dollartune is an innovative mobile platform where the users give their consent to interact and engage with brands. It works completely on an opt-in module and the users willingly engage with the brands of their choice. Depending upon the activity the users perform, they get gratified. In order to ensure the best user experience and to provide an excellent service to timely and safely gratify our users, we have strategically tied up with India’s biggest wallet service provider – Paytm.

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